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Hard to Believe from CURE on Youtube.

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Anarth: In the Name of Education from CURE on Vimeo.

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CURE releases India's first Song & Video on ragging


Nationwide No-Ragging Day on Oct. 11


Download CURE's Presentation on Ragging.


CURE declares October 11 as "Say No to Ragging Day Amit Sahai committed suicide on this day in 2005.


CURE Analyses Raghavan Committee Report

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Satya: Ek Khoj

A Unique Attempt...


Here is a forum, where you can report ragging incidents or experiences.

People who want to send in their views are also invited. But take care, here are some straight questions and we expect straight answers, no confusion, no hotch-potch, plain facts and your views only when they are asked for. A distinction has to be made between views and facts while filling this survey.


No information on this form will be made public without your consent. The last question asks for your consent

None of the questions in this form are compulsory.

Are you studying in college right now?
Did ragging take place in your college? (Ragging here means any sort of ragging, verbal, physical or sexual)
Did severe ragging take place in your college? (Severe ragging here means sexual or harsh physical torture)
Were/ Are you a victim of ragging?

SECTION I: If you were/are a victim of ragging, please answer questions in this section
What kind of ragging took place with you?

Please describe your ragging incident and your reaction to it.


(Include name of college, name of then Director /Principal /Chairman and the YEAR when the incident took place)
Did you complain to the college authorities?
If not, then why? If yes, then what action was taken?
What kind of relation do you have with the seniors who ragged you (Answer this question, if you have completed your first year)?
Did you/ will you rag your juniors for revenge?

Section II: Answer this section only if you have completed your first year
Did you rag the freshmen in your college?
If you did, what is the justification? If you didn’t, what was the reason, when everyone was doing it?

Section III: This section contains questions about your suggestions
What are your views about ragging? (Please include your views about severe and mild ragging separately. Try to justify your view)
What kind of punishment do you think should be given to people who rag freshmen? (Once again, make distinction between severe and mild ragging)
Do you think it is justified to rag your juniors in revenge of your ragging by your seniors?
Can you suggest some ideas to stop this menance?
Can we make this information public?